From the Catwalks in Milan to the rows of the vineyards in Monteu Roero


Adriano Moretti

In front of me a tall boy, very athletic and with a past as model. Adriano has a good taste in dressing and well spoken. He knows how to catch the attention of his audience.

Let’s start with Adriano previous job on the catwalks. Adriano was a model, surrounded by beautiful women, parties all nights, luxury and in front of him a promising career. But something was missing. In his heart, Adriano has the rhythm of the seasons and of the days ending with the sunset of his homeland hills.

Adriano can’t explain to himself why those spotlights and those catwalks could not make him happy. Every young man at his age would have given everything up to have his life. One day, looking down from the terrace of his house, through the hills of the Roero, he was bewitched. How many times he saw that view? Millions of times. That scenario was familiar to him, but this time something was different. It is as if one day all appeared clear. Awakened from the song of the mermaids in which he had lived till then, he understands that he has a Paradise in front of him and he cannot live another day without that view.







At that precise moment, Adriano decide to quit his job in the fashion industry and to come back home, where he will take care of a land that for generations belongs to his family. That land hides many secrets, like underground caves (under the wine cellar) where is grandfather found refuge during the second world war.




Adriano from now on, has a lot to learn about the land and the wine that it produces. He starts to study about it and with the help of his father, he will learn the first notions. …Step by step, like a baby taking its first steps, he will leave his father’s hand bringing his notions and innovations in the winemaking. All his efforts will make him earn the esteem and the trust of his father who, little by little, will pass the reins in his son’s hand.

In few years, the production goes from 2.000 bottles to 20.000 bottles per year, but this is the production limit that Adriano does not want to overcome. For him, the most important thing is to talk about his land and producing more would mean taking time from talking to people who visit his winery and his land. He could hire a person in charge of the reception of visitors, but he doesn’t want it. He wants to communicate his land, his wine. He wants to make everyone able to discover and fall in love with our mother earth. It brings a huge joy to see the happiness of a child collect with his hands his first strawberry or taste the grape taken directly from the brunch in the vineyard.

Adriano is a great communicator, and the way he does it is with love and a simplicity. It is almost impossible not to remain enchanted.

He decides, with the tasting of the wine, to add other kind of tastings or events, where our senses can play a role. From here the idea to organize different events ranging from classical music concerts to wine/chocolate pairings.

Wine and Chocolate? Nice challenge would say 99% of the population.

And he knows it too, that’s why he accepted the challenge.  And all we want to accept the challenge too.

Wine and Chocolate pairing event 8 Dicember 2018










In this experience Francesca will join him. Francesca Caon is a pastry chef chocolatier, that will take us in the magical and wonderful world of Chocolate.


Francesca is very young, but she has a huge passion that she will transmit to us immediately with the great video of her trip to Perú to discover the origin of Chocolate.!

For a second, my mind goes back to the idea of pairing wine and Chocolate. How can two elements with such strong personalities be put together? Like in the Italian romance “I promessi Sposi”, I would say: “This marriage has nothing to do”, but I don’t want to be the don Rodrigo on duty, and I want to lower these barriers of mistrust and give a try.

Wine, since its first appearance, has always been called the “NECTAR OF THE GODS”. You will not believe it, but even chocolate is associated with divinities, in fact, its name comes from a Mayan word KAKAW UHANAL which means “FOOD OF THE GODS”. Coincidence? I do not believe it. Both create an almost magical effect of happiness, which is why in ancient times it was thought to come from the Gods and dedicated to them.

The magic that chocolate can create is truly unique, almost like wine.

Who has never seen the film “CHOCOLAT” …. “ONE TASTE IS ALL IT TAKES ” said Vianne in the famous film that for years has made us dream and fall in love with this magical substance.

But let us return with our feet on the ground and see the pairing Chocolate/Wine that Francesca and Adriano prepared for us:

1 –     Caramel Chocolate and Piedmontese Roasted Hazelnuts

Wine – Favorita 2017

The chocolate is quite fat with an intense hint of toasted hazelnut. Wine is a sapid wine with a good acidity that goes to clean the greasiness that the chocolate left on the palate. Perfect pairing!

2 –      White Chocolate with citrus fruits and ginger.

          Wine – Roero Arneis 2017

Also, this chocolate has a well-marked fat note, slightly dampened by the sour citrous fruits and especially by the ginger. The wine, with is sour and savory note, goes well with this chocolate. It cleans and prepares the mouth for another taste. I also have to say that this combination is excellent

3 –      Dark Chocolate 70% from Ecuador with strawberries

          Wine – Rosato Lotus Flos  

The chocolate is very dry and astringent and that note of Strawberries is taken up in a wonderful way by the wine with its freshness. …At this point I really have to say that these almost unexpected combinations are amazing.

4 –      Dark Chocolate 60% with pomelo

          Wine – Barbera d’Alba 2017

We have an astringent chocolate with the Pomelo that is a citrus a little bit sour with a sweet skin. Adriano’s barbera is a very fruity and fresh wine that eliminate the astringency of the chocolate. This pairing leaves you almost astonished as neither chocolate, nor wine dominate the taste of the other. Simply fantastic!

5 –      White Chocolate with Coffee powder

          Wine – Nebbiolo 2016

Very fat chocolate with a bitter note coming from the aftertaste of the Coffee. The wine mantain the same style of the other products of Bajaj’s company. It is very fresh and sapid perfect to clean the mouth without deleting completely the aftertaste of the coffee. A Very daring combination but that left me speechless.
















What can I say, a unique experience that surprised me and took away the prejudice that it is not possible the pairing wine/chocolate. This tasting taught me that even the strongest characters and personalities can be united in marriage. And what is marriage if not the union between two souls that are different but complement each other. One will never overshadow the other but will enhance its best features, and together they will shine, no longer of their own light, but of that love that the union has made stronger.

So, at the conclusion of this topic, I would like to say to everyone to stop to have prejudices and to say like don Rodrigo “This marriage has nothing to do”, let yourself be carried away by the profound magic that chocolate and wine alone and together can transmit and abandon yourself to that moment of pleasure and a pity that a bite and a sip can give you.

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