How strong can be a blood tie?

Sometimes, it is not so strong to extinguish quarrels or fights….disagreements and misunderstandings.

Other times, it doesn’t take into account boundaries, barriers, fears. In this case, I will not call it blood tie anymore, but !!!!

Love can move mountains, love can challenge dragons, love can change destinies, love can move a son to change his life for his father….

This is the same love that forced a man to leave is job, to take care of the activity that his father, devoid of forces and good health, could not handled anymore.!

His name is , of the Fratelli Aimasso winery. Luca does not have siblings, so the name of the winery “Fratelli Aimasso” () is something prior Luca’s generation. Luca’s father Lorenzo together with his brother Giuseppe, converted their in Vineyard, calling the property “Fratelli Aimasso”. They were the real Aimasso Brothers. 

Luca is a man with a strong love for his family, and this love will bring him back to his land, in his Langhe, where he spent his youth and where he will rediscover a love for a beautiful and generous land.


He will dedicate to this land something very dear to him, his childrens, and Pietro. Alice, a teeneger, still young but very firm, and Pietro, the baby of the house but he’s got a temper.

Diano d’Alba has became their mother in the fact that Luca decided to rename two of the vineyards after his kids.

The Vineyard planted with , will take the name of Pietro and the Vineyard planted with grape, will be named after Alice. Both Vineyards are Crù (the best vineyards), here called Sörì.

Two grapes and two wines with different characteristics that reflect the different personalities of Pietro and Alice.

The DIANO D’ALBA SUPERIORE PIETRO (100% Dolcetto grape), is has a deep ruby red color with a hint of purple. A young wine but with a big personality, fruity, intense, dry on  the palate but with a beautiful after taste of Almond….If it was a person, we could have said: “He is a fine one!!!”. But then again, it reflects the same characteristics of the person to whom the Vineyard is devoted (Pietro). Pietro is still a baby, a little cheeky monkey, full of life and joy, but he knows the way to get respect.

What about BARBERA D’ALBA DOC SUPERIORE ALICE? (100% Barbera grape). An excellent wine, very fragrant, with after taste of red berries, a little bit of spicy but the vanilla is the note that prevails. Even though is a full-body wine, the vanilla note covers the acidity, making it a very amonious and elegant wine. This is the same way Luca describes his baby Alice. She is a real firecracker, but her tenderness can melts all the concerns and acidities life presents, and she can makes the world around her harmonious ans pleasant. We can compare it to a beautiful dance on tiptoe  (Alice’s passion which Luca wanted to capture with a drawing on the label).

Every sip of these wines, is like, to became part of Luca’s family, and even if I never met Luca’s kids, every sip of Pietro and Alice wines, is like if their laughs, their joy spread all over the room, making even the worst winter day, warm and relaxing.

We can only thank you Luca for this experience and to have turned the love for his father and the love for his kids in poetry, pure poetry!


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